Project “POFO.PRO -Poetics of Photography” was created in 2008.

The mastermind and project Manager is Max Polyansky-Alekseev.

Russian Photo Union, Academy of media Arts, photo school “Fotostart”, mnepu – international Ecological and political Science University (Department of photojournalism), KAIT 20-Moscow College of automation and information technologies (subject” Technology and art of photography”), IMAP – Institute of contemporary art and photography, school of photography” Fotoizmerenie”, State project for photographing orphans and disabled children in Moscow, all – Russian photo contests and photo projects. Direct participation in all of the above gave an incentive to create this blog.

Project “POFO.PRO” I helped many people find their role in life. I do not seek praise and do not expect words of gratitude, I do not boast of my merits and achievements. The idea to help, support and develop the creative abilities of gifted people, to love photography, to develop-this is my main task.